About the HBA


Founded in Covington, Kentucky, in 1955, by 16 residential contractors, the HBA of Northern Kentucky has grown to become the Nation's 10th largest chapter of the National Association of Home Builders. The Organization's jurisdiction covers 12 counties including Boone, Bracken, Campbell, Carroll, Fleming, Gallatin, Grant, Kenton, Mason, Owen, Pendleton, and Robertson with a combined company membership of nearly 900, representing approximately 15,000 persons employed in the construction industry. Click here for more history,

 Message from the President



I am honored to serve as the 2015 President of the Home Builders Association of Northern Kentucky. After 60 years, our mission is still clear-cut, “To promote and enhance the integrity and visibility of the construction industry and the members of the organization through advocacy, communication, education and political action.”  

Our staff, past Presidents and committee members should be complemented for navigating us through one of the toughest economies in the history of homebuilding. Our organization has been fortunate to have many of the local industry leaders volunteer their time and expertise over the years. On behalf of our nearly 1000 members, I would like to thank them for their service.  

My principal goals during my term as President in 2015 are to strengthen both relationships and business partnerships within our organization and to continue to grow our membership and brand within the community. Welcoming new builder/remodeler members and associates will not only strengthen our business partnerships but it will provide for a positive economic future for the communities we serve. We are lucky to have such strong leadership in place that includes an accomplished and dedicated staff, Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Council and Committee Chairs, and you as members. The HBA of Northern Kentucky represents not just Registered Builder/Remodelers but those who provide products and services to the builder/remodelers that make the building process possible.    

Builder and consumer advocacy efforts in our association are stronger than ever due to the tireless work of our State & Local Government Committee, Building and Housing Codes Committee, Land Development Council and the Sales & Marketing Council. We are lucky to have many of our area's top leaders as members of these committees and councils to address all current and future issues that may arise.  

Our focus on education both for our members and professionals of tomorrow is second to none. We strive to bring our members the most current information on products and trends available, and our Enzweiler Apprentice Training Program has shown incredible growth over the last few years boasting a record setting job placement rating for our students. Our accredited teaching staff and members take great pride in the success of the program and the accomplishments of its students.  

I plan on working closely with all divisions of this remarkable organization to make sure that our core message is consistent and that we are a top of mind resource to the local community. With the improved economic landscape, we are well positioned for the growth and challenges that lie ahead.


Jason Yeager
Home Builders Association of Northern Kentucky